What is this?

15 unique art pieces are presented in the MicroArt Museum.

Each one of them is displayed under a hermetic glass envelope, on stands, and only under a microscope are they visible.

They are primarily made of gold and other special materials, e.g. half of a sloe seed, special spiderweb, half of a rice grain.


It took the artist approximately half a year to create one art piece. He created a special tool for each and every art piece, then he selected the materials to be used and made the art piece under a microscope. He also developed a special breathing technique for this. By slowing down his breath, he was able to make a move between two heartbeats.

The artist claims that perseverance, willpower and diligence are at the core of this unique method. After many unsuccessful trials was he able to make certain moves that were necessary to the creation of the art pieces.